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My path into writing began with a master’s in English at University College Dublin, followed by a post-graduate diploma in journalism at London’s City University. In the years since then I’ve worked as both a journalist and editor, contributing to the likes of the Irish Times, NME, the Financial Times, MOJO, the BBC and the Guardian.

Doing so has taught me the importance of harnessing a varied skill-set in order to engage the reader, such as assembling arresting images, tight copy and sharp headlines. But the part of that process I have come to value most is the interview.

Connecting with people in a certain way means gleaning valuable insights, whether it’s from well-known names or figures on the periphery of society. Writing has led me to some extraordinary characters – artists and entrepreneurs, sailors and scientists, baristas and druids, former killers and cult members – all of whom have taught me something new.

And whenever assignments have taken me to places like Jerusalem, San Francisco or Helsinki, my perspective has broadened a little each time, shaping how I approach the next article.

As this path has developed, I’ve been fortunate enough to cover a wide range of topics – lifestyle, music, travel, education, health, politics, religion, film, property, art, business, psychology – allowing me to learn a lot about the world (and myself) along the way.


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