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I'm deputy editor at Huck, a magazine that's been celebrating cultural outliers and pioneers for over 10 years.

My path into writing began with a master’s in English at University College Dublin, followed by a post-graduate diploma in journalism at London’s City University. In the years since then I’ve worked as both a journalist and editor, contributing to the likes of the Irish Times, NME, the Financial Times, MOJO, the Stool Pigeon and the Guardian.

Doing so has taught me the importance of harnessing a varied skill-set in order to engage the reader, such as assembling arresting images, tight copy and sharp headlines. But the part of that process I have come to value most is the interview.

Connecting with people in a certain way means gleaning valuable insights, whether it’s from well-known names or figures on the periphery of society. Writing has led me to some extraordinary characters – artists and entrepreneurs, sailors and scientists, baristas and druids, former killers and cult members – all of whom have taught me something new.

And whenever assignments have taken me to places like Jerusalem, San Francisco or Helsinki, my perspective has broadened a little each time, shaping how I approach the next article.

As this path has developed, I’ve been fortunate enough to cover a wide range of topics – lifestyle, music, travel, education, health, politics, religion, film, property, art, business, psychology – allowing me to learn a lot about the world (and myself) along the way.


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